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Designer | Director | Creative

I’m a Art Director and designer in the Atlanta Georgia area, creating targeted design solutions for consumer brand and corporate identities, packaging, collateral, web experiences, software application, and beyond. Projects range from small startup packaging to broad, company-wide strategic campaigns with clients such as General Mills, Best Buy, ConAgra Foods, Campbell’s, Bissell, University of Michigan, Chattem, Youth Frontiers, YMCA Mpls, Sears-Kmart, Hormel, Marvel, and Del Monte.

My strengths include directing and managing large and small groups with efficiency and budget in mind, and the ability to multitask on several jobs with concurrent deadlines. I emphasize collaboration and teamwork to get the best possible result for the project. I have a wide range of experience from initial concept development to design finalization, photography direction, video and motion art direction, as well as publication design. Additionally, I have a broad working knowledge of technology including hardware and software.

I’m always open to new challenges and opportunities in bringing a project to the next level. If you’d like to get in touch with me, or for further information, feel free to email me at chad [at] cmrdesign [dot] com.