Branding, Collateral, Photography, Video, Web/Mobile

Right Gift, Right Now.

Working with a Synchrony acquisition company GiftNow creating an awareness campaign for the 2019-2020 year. Along with the campaign, a introductory presentation developed to provide potential new clients the benefits of this untapped commerce space for their customers and brand.

Retailer Banner Guidelines

This guide provided retailers the foundation to GiftNow branding architecture, allowing a consistent look and feel across all online shopping experiences. Guide included messaging, logos, buttons, colors, photography, hierarchy and layout examples.

2019-2020 Awareness Campaign

These spots were created to aid awareness about GiftNow and illustrate the process of using the product. These spots will run on Facebook and YouTube throughout the year. Concepts, casting, principle photography, editing, mixing and graphics were completed within the tight 30-day deadline.

Project Role: Art Director, Designer, Director

*Work was developed for and while an employee of Synchrony